CLAHRC Diabetes theme – WICKED course (Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones, and Exercise to manage Diabetes)


Jenna Allot, film student York University and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals patient, was inspired by her experience of the pilot WICKED education programme (Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes) to write and produce a short film publicising the course for other young people who may wish to attend.

With all long-term health conditions the voices of those actually living with the day-to-day problems can be lost in the planning and delivery of health care – diabetes is no exception to this. Jenna’s film, featuring the acting talents of WICKED graduates, Diabetes Service patients and staff, gives a voice to young people with type-1 diabetes, helping shape the Adolescent Diabetes service of the future.

Please click here to view the full video. 

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