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Developing, implementing and evaluating a ‘Healthy Conversations’ (MECC) training programme across Sheffield City Council

‘Making Every Contact Count’ (MECC) is a long term strategy that aims to create a healthier population who are able to experience increased levels of wellbeing and a greater tendency to take control over their own health, wellbeing and general lifestyle choices. This report describes the development, implementation and evaluation of an innovative locally tailored […]

ADHD: is there an app for that?

A tool that presents the findings to two research projects: 1. looking at app suitability for children and young people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and 2: looking at the suitability of apps for the parents of this population. A checklist was developed (and presented in this document) by academics and study participants to […]

New Migrants in Primary Healthcare – How are services adapting? Summary and Mini Case Book

INTRODUCTION High rates of immigration in recent years in the United Kingdom presents service design and delivery challenges to primary care. At a time when resources are stretched, services must be both efficient and equitable for patients. Migrants are often healthy on arrival but some groups, such as refugees and asylum seekers, may have many […]