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The voice of Dementia

The Voice of Dementia  The film is an outcome from a larger CLAHRC SY project about exploring how people with dementia could be better involved in service feedback, evaluation and planning. This is a collaborative project with Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and the Alzheimer’s Society Sheffield. The project is part of […]

IMproving PRevention Of Vascular diseasE in Primary Care (IMPROVE-PC) CLAHRC for Leeds, York and Bradford NIHR

Vascular disease may cause heart attacks and stroke. These are more common in older people but they can happen in younger people too. Smoking, lack of exercise, a poor diet and stress are some of the factors that contribute to the development of vascular disease. This booklet includes examples of evidence-based physical activity projects and programmes […]

Ready Steady Go: A Telehealth implementation toolkit and executive summary

Telehealth, the use of Information and Communication Technologies to deliver healthcare remotely, has grown in prominence over recent years. However, despite investment, telehealth is still in a state of infancy. Most deployments are led by telehealth enthusiasts and few mainstream services exist. We believe one of the reasons for this is that delivering telehealth is […]