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Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones and Exercise for Diabetes – WICKED

Care of young people with type 1 diabetes is complex, and self-care can often deteriorate during adolescence. Poor blood glucose control among young adults reduces quality of life, increases the risk of complications and is a growing pressure on NHS resources. The WICKED course aims to engage young people with their condition and provide them with sustainable behaviours to self-manage their diabetes for life, […]

CLAHRC Diabetes theme – WICKED course (Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones, and Exercise to manage Diabetes)

Jenna Allot, film student York University and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals patient, was inspired by her experience of the pilot WICKED education programme (Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes) to write and produce a short film publicising the course for other young people who may wish to attend. With all long-term health […]

‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ Patient and Public Involvement Workshop held on 2nd March 2011 at The Source, Sheffield

Involving patients and members of the public in research can be rewarding not only for the individuals, but also for the research and the researcher.  CLAHRC SY encourages all our research projects to include consideration of PPI.  PPI can be included in a research project at many levels, whether through PPI input into research proposals, […]

Care pathway to revascularisation: experiences of Pakistani women and health care practitioners in Sheffield

The coronary heart disease (CHD) literature suggests differences in diagnosis, investigation and treatment between people of South Asian origin as compared to White comparator groups in the UK. It is well recognised that heart disease presents differently in different populations but the impact of this has not been adequately explored. There is also an indication that differences in […]

‘CACTUS Aphasia Research Group’ CLAHRC SY PPI Workshop, 2nd March 2011, The Source, Sheffield

CACTUS (Cost effectiveness of Computer Assisted Treatment vs Usual Stimulation) is a small scale research project to test whether ongoing therapy, delivered using specially developed software, can help stroke survivors with aphasia improve their speech and language skills.  “She’s had her stroke 30 years and she’s never strung a sentence together. It was quite nice […]