Bridging the gap between knowledge and practice Your starter for 10: No.9 After Action Review: an evaluation tool

starter for 10

The ‘starter for 10’ series provides a starting point for managers, practitioners and researchers embarking on projects designed to implement best evidence to improve service delivery, enhance clinical practice or introduce innovations into health or social care.

Each paper introduces an aspect of evidence-based practice. We will draw on relevant literature and our experience to highlight principles and to offer practical tips. The series is produced by the Translating Knowledge into Action (TK2A) Theme of the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for South Yorkshire.
The ultimate aim is to help you put knowledge into practice to improve the quality, effectiveness and equity of care.
The objectives of this paper are to:

  • Introduce After Action Review (AAR) as a systematic approach to evaluating the progress of projects.
  • Share our practical experience of using AAR as an evaluation tool.
  • Signpost further information and resources.

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